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About Our Rates:

Professional Organizers charge about the same rates as Interior Designers, Image consultants  or similar service professionals.  Most charge by the hour. CastAway the Clutter! offers bulk rate packages for your convenience and helps to save money. For packages a deposit is due at time of scheduling. Or if you prefer to pay by the hour, our hourly rates are $65-95/hour.
Why hire a Professional Organizer?

Being organized is a tremendous investment in yourself that will pay you back with less stress and more time to do the things you want and need to do.  Using a professional who can teach you the skills you need to be organized, will be worth the money spent.

1. Do I Need to Prepay? 
Prepayment is preferred, but optional, except for the purchase of gift certificates.  We offer this service as a convenience for clients who prefer to pay by credit card. However, a 30-50% deposit is required at time of booking, or at first appointment and full package payment must be received before all sessions are completed. A deposit is also required to reserve your session or space analysis.

2.  What happens after I have paid for my gift certificate?
If you have purchased a gift certificate, you will have stated in your order where you would like it to be shipped. Gift certificates can be mailed directly to the recipient at no additional charge.

3. I know that we could easily use the Cast it Away Decluttering Package, but we cannot complete it in a short period of time.  Can we spread it out over two weeks or more?
We do recommend that organizing sessions be completed close together for faster results and to build momentum. However, we understand that this is not always possible and will try to work with you accordingly.

4. I'm on a tight budget but really need your services.  Do you offer any type of payment plan?
Pre-payment options are available based on your budget and needs.  

6. Do you charge for mileage?
No. We do not charge for mileage unless it's more than a 45 minute drive.  Exceptions may apply, but would be fully disclosed prior to our first appointment.
Please contact Jacquie to discuss. 

Credit cards accepted
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"Jacquie was extremely easy to work with.  Great personality.  Very upbeat and good energy. She was very helpful in my kitchen and my master bedroom sitting room and gave me lots of ideas I could use myself.  Jacquie is very talented, helpful and professional and I would recommend her services to anyone."  Nancy Brennan, Clarksville, MD

I do not give great references frequently.  Jacquie's business is outstanding.  She is participative, friendly, professional and successful.  She's also honest.  Her hourly or packaged rates are more than fair.  CastAway the Clutter! deserves the highest rating I give, dependable, fair, goal-focused, and therefore, outstanding.” C. Hurley, Columbia, Maryland

Professional Life & Family Coaching by Phone is Now Available. 
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Menu of Organizing Services
with Jacquie

20-45 Minute Initial Needs Assessment by Telephone: Free
For best results, please also fill out our brief organizing pre-assessment form
An appointment for the first organizing consultation can be scheduled to do the hands-on work

In-Home In-Depth Space Analysis: (1-1/2 hours) 
If possible, email or mail photographs of your problem areas prior to the consultation.  I will leave you with a written summary of recommendations for getting your organizing project started, either with us, or on your own.  
- Initial phone consultation
- In-depth pre-assessment by email
- On-site space analysis, including tips and suggestions
- Written summary of recommendations

​​$99.00 - $29 will be deducted from future services (any organizing package below)

Payment Policy for all Organizing Packages: A 30-50% deposit to hold booking. Payments can be made by personal check, MC/Visa or Paypal. Maintenance services are billed in advance by credit/debit card. Additional payments can be made during the life of the project, but project must be paid in full before the final session.

For New Clients

"I'm Ready" -  New Client Getting Started Decluttering Package (One Session): 

The "Getting Started" Decluttering Package is a special starter package for new clients only*. This package is an organizing combo of the in-depth assessment and hands-organizing.  Get started now and eliminate your feeling of overwhelm while you clear the clutter!  The starter package is recommended for one room and includes a 4-1/2 hour to 5-hour visit with Jacquie.  Or do a major jumpstart and bring in two CTC Organizers (subject to availability): 

  • Initial phone consultation
  • ​Pre-assessment by email
  • On-site space analysis 
  • Hands-on organizing
  • Personal coaching 
  • Free labeling of all containers and shelving
  • Free organizing tips newsletter
  • ​End of session report, including recommendations
  • Donation drop-off to Goodwill and/or Success in Style

Jacquie: $325/$355  Weekdays/Saturdays
Major Jumpstart with two organizers: $500 Weekdays & Saturdays

​*New clients can purchase additional "I'm Ready" packages as long as they are scheduled during the same week, e.g. Mon/Wed/Fri, Tue/Wed, Tue/Thu, etc. 

Hands-on Organizing Packages

About CTC Organizing Packages: 
Organizing packages offer additional savings. Most sessions are scheduled in 3-5 hour blocks (see packages below for details). A 30-50% deposit is required at booking. Payments can be made by check, credit cards or PayPal and can be spread over the life of the project.  See hourly rates, plus add-on hours options below.

"Making a Difference" Decluttering Package*: 

The "Making a Difference" Decluttering Package is recommended for working in one room and includes the following : 
  • Initial phone consultation
  • Pre-assessment by email
  • ​Two sessions: 5 hours each
  • Homework assignment/action plan, if desired
  • Free follow-up email support during project
  • Free labeling of all containers and shelving
  • Free monthly organizing tips newsletter with exclusive subscriber specials
  • Drop off donations to Goodwill and/or Success in Style, if desired

 Work with CTC Owner, Jacquie: $745/$780 weekdays/Saturdays
Get more done faster with two organizers: $1000 anytime

"Getting Serious" Decluttering Package*:  

The "Getting Serious!" Decluttering Package includes the following :
  • Initial phone consultation
  • Pre-assessment by email
  • Four 5-hour hands-on organizing sessions
  • Personal coaching
  • Homework assignment/action plan, if desired
  • Free follow-up email support during project
  • Free labeling of all containers and shelving
  • Free monthly organizing tips newsletter with exclusive subscriber specials
  • Drop off donations to Goodwill and/or Success in Style, if desired

Work with Jacquie: $1475/$1500 weekdays/Saturdays*  
Save more if pre-paid by cash/check:$1440/$1475
Get more done faster with two organizers in 4 days (5 hours/day): $1850 anytime

*Schedule as least two 5-hour sessions on a weekday and still pay weekday rate, even if the other 2 sessions on are Saturdays.

Our Most Popular Office, Basement or Garage "Overhaul" Package:
"Cast it All Away!" Decluttering Package*: 

The "Cast it All Way!" Decluttering Package is our most popular "clean sweep" package and includes the following :

  • Initial phone consultation
  • Pre-assessment by email
  • Ten (10) 3-hour hands-on organizing sessions or Six (6) 5-hour hands-on organizing sessions 
  • Personal coaching
  • Homework assignment/action plan, if desired
  • Ongoing email support during project
  • Free labeling of all containers and shelving
  • Free monthly organizing tips newsletter with exclusive subscriber specials
  • Drop off donations to Goodwill  and/or Success in Style, if desired
  • Automatically eligible to join the Cast Away Your Old Life De-Clutter Club (see below) after package has ended.

Work with CTC Owner, Jacquie: $2150/$2195 weekdays/Saturday*
Save more if pre-paid by cash/check:$2095/$2150 

Get more done faster with two organizers in 5 days (6 hours/day): $2775 anytime
*Schedule as least five 5-hour sessions on a weekday and still pay weekday rate even if the other 5 sessions on are Saturdays.

  • PLUS FREE FOLLOW-UP PHONE COACHING/ACCOUNTABILITY CHECK-IN CALL APPROX 2-3 MONTHS AFTER LAST SESSION - The follow-up phone coaching appointment is 50 minutes long and is by appointment only. Please plan to schedule this on or before the last day.​ No additional fee required.

*Prices do not include renting or hiring of a dumpster, decorator, handyman etc. 
These services are additional.

           The Road to Minimalism  

The Road to Minimalism may be for you if your entire home is cluttered and you need to take time out of your life to get it done.  Sessions are scheduled weekly or every other week (minimum) and  always on a weekday.  Suited for people who work from home, stay at home moms, retired persons, etc., who are able to carve out 2-1/2 to 4 hours ongoing. However, anyone can use this as long as they are committed to getting organized, without major breaks.  The Road to Minimalism can be only be customized for 60+ hours, and require commitment and a signed agreement.  

Personal Coaching Benefit:
For some individuals, personal coaching may be an important part of the journey.  I will offer additional support to help instill new habits and positive change, and.coaching can occur during the session, or by phone.  Some of the organizing can also be completed virtually.  Your road to minimalism will be customized accordingly (also see my Virtual Organizing Program).

Session Length and Investment:
The Road to Minimalism's periodic sessions are typically 2-1/2 or 3 hours and range from $180-$250 per session, depending on your needs, how you will be paying, and location. We can also begin with longer sessions and shorten them as progress is made. 

A retainer of $220, plus the amount of the initial session is required to start. The retainer is non-refundable, but will be applied to the final session. Contact me if you are interested in having me help you on your road to minimalism by committing to 60 or more hours of decluttering, organizing and coaching. (Individual coaching sessions are optional.)

 "Cast Away Your Old Life" Maintenance De-Clutter Club  for Current & Past Clients
 (Weekdays only)

This service is the "Personal Trainer" of Organizing.  
You're suited to this service if you agree with any of the following statements:

1  You struggle with maintaining systems and prefer to hire an organizer to help you to keep it up. 
2. You lead a crazy busy life, and will only do the work if it's scheduled in your calendar.
3. You can do it, but just don't have the time or motivation.
4. You struggle with ADD/ADHD, or have a physical limitation that prevents you from doing it all yourself.
5. You're not likely to organize without someone there to help, guide and support you.

​The Cast Away Your Old Life Maintenance De-Clutter Club is open to current and past clients who have realized that they really need ongoing help.  In the declutter club there is no specific amount of hours to purchase, but sessions are at least 2-1/2 hours long.   Sessions are either weekly, every other week or monthly, subject to availability and only on weekdays (sorry!). 

If it's been awhile since I've seen you, and, especially if your home is very cluttered, please plan to schedule an In-home In-Depth Space & Needs Analysis  before joining the club (see description and fees above)...  Clients with a heavy amount of clutter are encouraged to schedule some "clean sweep" sessions before beginning.  Club terms and payment plan can be customized to your needs and are guaranteed to remain the same for one year, as long as account remains current. A client agreement must be signed. Check, cash, MC/Visa and PayPal are all accepted forms of payment.  Please schedule a call with me to discuss your needs.

CTC's Hourly Rate / Add-On Hours: 
​Just want to pay per session or need to add on hours? 

Buy 4 hours and save!
$297 Weekdays (Weekends $320)  
For more than 8 hours, please see our packages (above).

Buy 3 hours and save!
$235 Weekdays (Weekends $240)

Big job or on a time crunch?
​Team Organizing: Work completed faster with 2 or more organizers. Starting at $120/hour, or

Best Value: $100/hour for 1 professional organizer and one handy helper (non-organizer). The professional organizer leads the job and works directly with the client.  Subject to availability. 

CTC is a licensed and insured professional organizing company and abides by the NAPO Code of Ethics.  

Is it time to get organized?

Are you ready to:

Cast away the clutter!
Find things faster
Manage your paper and mail more efficiently
Reclaim an hour or more a day
Save up to an hour a day
Finally, complete those unfinished projects
Have more time to spend on you!
Take control of your life!
Feel better about yourself
Feel less stressed and more energetic!
Spend less time thinking about clutter and more time on living!
Entertain and have company over
Get everything done without feeling overwhelmed
Get your kids more involved
Always be on time
Show your husband, wife or partner that you can do it!
Learn tips for living more simply
Create a schedule that works for you
Overcome your relationship with stuff
Achieve your goals
Remember all birthdays and anniversaries
Begin saving money and stop paying late fees
Stop buying duplicate items
Lose weight after you lose the clutter! 

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