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101 Organizing and Decluttering Tips to Finally Get Your Home Under Control!

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Take Control of Your Clutter Before it Takes Control of You!
101 Tips to Success
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Tired of having stuff everywhere?  Want your home to look like one of those homes in Better Homes & Gardens?  Living a clutter free life is easier than you think.  It’s all about creating organizational systems that work and scheduling time for quick and easy maintenance.

When you have kids, it’s not realistic to have a perfect home, but it is realistic to have a clutter-free home.  While you and your family are home relaxing, playing and watching TV, stuff is going to be out, and that’s ok.  But do you have a specific place to return each item when it’s time for bed?  Creating systems for ALL of your belongings is one of the keys to maintaining order.

Take Control of Your Clutter before it Takes Control of You! 101 Tips for Success provides 101+ organizing and time management tips to help busy moms take control of their household clutter and live in a home that is always “guest-ready”.  No need to feel overwhelmed and feel you have to use all 101 tips at once.  Simply pick just one or two tips each week and begin to set your systems in place.  Then teach the family how to use your new systems and then check them off your list! Before you know it, you’ll be controlling the clutter with very little time and effort!

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The E-book version is available for quick and easy download for only $29.95, $12.95 S9.95!  Don't wait another minute to begin getting organized!
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Don't waste a lot of time searching for organizing tips on the internet.  Buy your copy of Take Control of Your Clutter before it Takes Control of You! 101 Tips for Success and have instant access to easy and practical tips you can apply immediately.  You will receive organizing and decluttering tips and secrets for the following high traffic rooms in your home:

Page 4: Family Rooms - Always in chaos?  Learn how to stay on top of the clutter and maintain order on a daily basis.

Page 6: Mud Room and Hallways - Mud rooms don't always have to be a disaster zone.  Easy tips to control the clutter and maintain order without spending a fortune. 

Pages 8: Kids Rooms - Can't get through to your kids? What you need to do to help your children get organized, plus organizing and storage tips to control all of their stuff!

Pages 10: Home Offices - Can't find your desk? Organizing tips to reduce paper clutter and to begin to set up a functional space for your home office.

Pages 12: Closets - Don't know what you have? Tips for controlling closet clutter and inexpensive clothing storage ideas.

Page 14: Kitchens - Can't ever find anything? Tips on organizing your kitchen and what you need to do to avoid crammed kitchen cabinets.

Page 16: Meal Planning - Unable to get dinner on the table?  Planning is the key word here.  Lots of tips on planning and preparing to get dinner on the table as often as you want!

Page 18: Time Management Tips - If you can manage your time more efficiently, getting organized will be a lot easier.  Here I give you easy and doable time management tips to get things done without always feeling stressed.

Page 20: Resources - Avoid overwhelm on the internet. Here's a few recommendations for more organizing tips, organizing books and online shopping resources (direct links included in the e-book version).
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The E-book version is available for quick and easy download for only $29.95, $12.95 S9.95!  Don't wait another minute to begin getting organized!
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Hello Jacquie, I am sending in a testimonial regarding your amazing Take Control of Your Clutter Ebook.
I was somewhat skeptical as to whether this book would help me and be any different to many other books on clutter control and  home organization.  I was pleasantly surprised as I found it was a no-fluff approach to decluttering.

One of the important things to remember when organizing your home, is finding a home for everything.  If each and every item has a designated place where it is kept, this will help create an organized living space.  After reading this book, I looked at each and every storage space - drawer, cupboard, closet or storage unit, and decided to give each one a job description.  With four children we have quite a lot of stuff, and though we regularly have a clear-out, may items did not have a designated home.  Your book certainly helped me overcome this obstacle to a tidy home. 

I highly recommend this book to everyone looking to organize their home!

Fee Murray, newsletter subscriber

"Super Easy.."

I was really impressed with how this was laid out and categorized by room. It’s super easy to find helpful solutions for any area of the house, and includes tips on menu planning and time management.” 

Charlene Davis

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Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.  
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