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 Organizing Your Home & Your Life Saturday Services Only
Get Rid of Paper Clutter - Household & Home Office 
Are you constantly late paying your bills due to poor time management or misplaced mail? Is your desk covered in papers or "organized" piles.  Maybe you can find what you want, but are tired of not having room on your desk to do your work?  At CastAway the Clutter! we will show you an easy to use filing system so that you can set systems in place that will make time sorting the paperwork and mail more productive. 
Closet Decluttering, Purging & Organizing

Most people have far more clothes than they have time to wear.  I will help you sort through and keep only the items that you need to create a beautiful space that will relax you each morning as you prepare to dress.  Start the day feeling calm, instead of stressed as you select each item of clothing.  Most average sized closets can be decluttered and organized in 1-2 days (2-3 sessions).

By working with a CastAway the Clutter! Professional Organizer, you are guaranteed to receive a more functional and organized closet.   Check out our Organizing Packages to see which one might work for you and then contact me to discuss/schedule.
Hidden Clutter in Cabinets, Cupboards, Pantries, Shelves & Junk Drawers

Imagine opening your drawers, pantry and cupboards and being able to find all the items you need and use on a regular basis? Your cabinets do not have to consist of a pile of mismatched and hodge podge items, dated packaged foods and rarely used appliances taking up valuable space.  We will help you to sort through the items you need and use most often and create an organized and beautiful space with the help of some unique and affordable organizing products and solutions. 
Family Room/Kids' Room Organization

Your family room is probably a hype of activity where everyone congregates.  Because of this, it can be difficult to stay organized in the room that is used most frequently.  Is your family room surrounded by toys and games, magazines and newspapers, bags and briefcases, and a hodge podge of items that do not belong in there? Wouldn't  you rather your family room be an organized and peaceful haven where you can watch tv, play games, relax and have fun?  It can be with the help of CastAway the Clutter! Check out our Organizing Packages.  Then, contact me  to discuss.

Get started now by reading my downloadable PDF e-book (no Kindle required - download link arrives by email) with room by room tips to help busy moms take back control of their household clutter. Find out more here >>Take Control of Your Clutter Before it Takes Control of You!  (opens in new window)
When you're feeling overwhelmed or just need a helping hand, call us at CastAway the Clutter!  We will help you to reclaim those lost hours so that you can spend time doing the things you really enjoy!  Take control of your life by scheduling an appointment today!

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In order to create a calm and clutter free environment, I will meet with you, discuss your lifestyle, goals, wants and needs, create a plan, create systems and show you how you can easily maintain your new clutter free space.

Even organized people can feel overwhelmed sometimes, particularly when a major change has occurred in their lives (e.g. a move, job change, new baby, new project etc.).  I will help you to get back on track by creating new systems to manage this new lifestyle change.  I also help with preparing for a new transition, to downsize your belongings to move, clear the guest room to set up for a nursery, hobby room or adult child moving back in, declutter the basement to prepare for a playroom or entertainment space.  Let me help you to get things moving!  Team organizing (2 organizers or more) is also an option for larger projects.
Kitchen Organization

Today's kitchens are more than just a place to cook meals.  It's the place where family and friends congregate and spend quality time together.  With this in mind, don't you want a space that functions well and begins the day on a positive note, instead of frantic and chaotic as you fumble to find papers, keys and bills?  We will help you to create personalized systems with your lifestyle in mind, that will result in a space that is  functional, organized and a fun place to be.  Check out our Organizing Packages to get started.  
Jacquie is looking forward to serving you!
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CastAway the Clutter! 
Pasadena, MD
Tel: (410) 615-0320

Whole House Organizing

We also work in bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms and more to create a functional, useable and beautiful space.  See our variety of organizing packages available.  We can do a clean sweep or work slowly, over a longer period of time.  Monthly plans are also available at a discounted rate, when weekly or 6 months or more. 

Life Coaching, Parent/Family Coaching by Telephone for issues relating to you and/or your family:

Jacquie is also a Certified Life Coach and Youth/Parent/Family Coach and is offering Life and Family Coaching by phone.   If you are interested, please contact her for more information. What is Life Coaching?
Professional Organizer  & Certified Life Coach,
 Parent/Family Coach, SBA Award Winner, ICD Past Subscriber,
Past NAPO Member, NAPO Golden Circle Member
 & Past President of NAPO Baltimore
Basement & Storage Space Organization

Is your basement storage room always in chaos?  Do you have unpacked boxes and mystery items in plies on the floor?  Call in an organizer or two from CastAway the Clutter! to transform your basement into a space that is usable and functional. CastAway the Clutter's high energy organizers, with results oriented attitudes, will help you to find your floor and create solutions, so that you will no longer fear going down into the basement ever again!  Our Organizing Package descriptions can help you to figure out how much time you think you'll need to get the job done! 

cast·a·way, adj
A rejected or discarded thing.

A confused or disordered state or collection
Client Testimonial:

“We were snowed under with years of old paperwork, household clutter and debris. Jacquie’s remarkable organizing skills brought us back from the brink of oblivion. CastAway the Clutter is fast, efficient, professional and essential for any household or business that needs to maximize the use of their space. Jacquie Ross is outstanding.”

Lawrence A. Bell, III, Baltimore, MD.
Paper Filing System Set-Up Using a Customized CTC System
 or Freedom Filer™
Have you struggled to maintain your previous filing systems?  Do you abandon your system once it gets too packed because you don't know what to keep or what to throw away?  At CastAway the Clutter! we have helped countless clients set up a new organized filing system, including the Freedom Filer™ system,  a "self-purging" low maintenance paper organizing solution for busy clients who are not yet ready to go paperless, but find traditional filing systems too difficult to maintain.

If you think this system will work for you, purchase one of the Freedom Filer™ packs online and then schedule a CTC Freedom Filer™ set-up session with Jacquie.  Feel free to Contact Jacquie if you have any questions, or to see if Freedom Filer™ is right for you.  There is no obligation to buy.
As a certified life coach and professional organizer, Jacquie has experience working with individuals who suffer from anxiety, medical issues, ADD, and the stress that comes along with trying to organize.  

She understands that you will need ongoing support, reassurance and more time to learn how to maintain new systems. Or, you may simply need Jacquie to help you on an ongoing basis. 

In addition, Jacquie has taken over 100 classes of continuing education with the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) and at NAPO Conferences and has Certificates of Study in ADD/ADHD, Chronic Disorganization and Time Management & Productivity.  

Please note that Jacquie is currently only available to work on Saturdays,  so her schedule fills up fast.
Has organization always been a struggle for you?
CastAway the Clutter! Professional Organizers serve residents in Howard County & surrounding areas including Baltimore,  Ellicott City, Columbia, Elkridge, Clarksville, Dayton, Annapolis Junction, Fulton, Maple Lawn, Cooksville, Glenelg, Glenwood,  Marriottsville, Eldersburg, Hanover, Laurel, Highland, Lisbon, Scaggsville, Savage,  Woodstock, West Friendship, Mount Airy, Odenton, Fort Meade,  Catonsville, Baltimore, Jessup, Pikesville, Baltimore, Owings Mills, Woodlawn, Reisterstown,  Burtonsville. 

Maryland counties covered:
 Howard county, Parts of Baltimore county & Baltimore city. 
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