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Jacquie Ross is a top professional organizer, certified professional life coach, award winning business owner and author of 3 ebooks on organization and time management.  Jacquie has been featured in many local print publications and in Woman;'s World magazine. She is the current President of the Baltimore chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers and specializes in helping busy women reclaim their time and space through organization. A busy mom, wife and business owner, Jacquie understands the challenges that moms and busy professional women  face trying to get everything in done, while staying sane!

Jacquie's Virtual Organizing Services
Organizing services from the comfort of your phone! 
I look forward to helping you to get organized!               ​        Jacquie
If you're surrounded by clutter, you will never be able to truly live the life you want.  You also will always feel disorganized, always rushed, always apologizing for being late, and always  apologizing for “the mess”.  Today is your day to make a change.  Begin dreaming of a clutter-free home, always being early for appointments, remembering birthdays a week before it’s time to mail the greeting card, getting your holiday shopping done with no stress and much more. 

Don't wait! If you want to learn from an organizing expert who works with clients everyday, contact me now 

​​Get organized with the help of a professional organizer declutter coach for almost half the cost of an in-home organizing session, and be ready to: 

  Cast away your clutter!
  Take control of your time
Find things faster
Get rid of the paper piles
Eliminate excess paper and mail
Manage the mail more efficiently
Efficiently handle your daily papers and mail
Discover new ways to organize school papers
Discover new organization techniques
Learn time management tips to find more time in your day
Discover different ways to save up to an hour a day
Manage your day so you do the right things at the right time
Have more time to pursue hobbies
Have more time to spend on you!
Take control of your life!
Relieve stress and increase self esteem
Feel more energetic – clutter sucks energy!
Spend less time thinking about clutter and more time on living!
Entertain and have company over
Always be ready for company
Learn tips on living more simply
Get chores done faster or in a lot less time
Overcome your relationship with stuff
Learn some of the benefits of living with less stuff
Achieve your goals
Complete unfinished tasks
Stop missing birthdays and anniversaries
Stop being forgetful due to disorganization
Learn how you can have more money by being organized
Stop paying late fees
Stop buying the same things over and over
​ Learn when to say no and not feel guilty
  Get everything done without feeling overwhelmed
 Learn how to stop procrastinating
   Learn how to get your kids involved
  Avoid the morning rush
  Always be on time


"Jacquie, Jacquie Jacquie , I want to personally thank you and your amazing coaching abilities. She is truly a superhero and deserves a cape! Jacquie was kind and firm and was able to FOCUS me on the tasks at hand. Her advice and expertise helped me lose over 100 lbs! 5 lbs on me and 95 lbs of clutter in my office! My room went from Chaos and with Jacquies help transformed into a peaceful haven and most importantly brought serenity and function to where I needed it for me to succeed. The way she directed me back to the positives and gave helpful suggestions to my roadblocks was incredible. Her intuitive insights gave me numerous “aha moments”. I still hear her voice saying to me, “ Is this the best place for this” before placing an item down where it really doesn’t belong. I would not hesitate to recommend her! 
Special Note: I am an international Client from Canada. Jacquie’s coaching has no borders!"

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What is virtual organizing and why would you do it?

Typically, I work with clients side by side in their home, helping them to clear their clutter and make decisions, including offering support and motivation while creating a plan of action for organizing their home.  Virtual organizing is really no different, except that I do it over the telephone and by email.  Starting with an virtual in-depth needs assessment and photographs of your space, we work together by phone and email, either weekly, twice monthly or monthly.  Clients also benefit from my experience and education as a certified life coach, and youth/parent/family coach.  In addition, as a professional organizer, I abide by the NAPO code of ethics, and as a certified professional life coach, I abide by the ICF code of ethics.  All conversations and communication is held in the strictest of confidence.

Virtual Organizing may be suitable for you if you can relate to any of the following:

- I would love to hire a professional organizer, but I just don't have the time to block out 3-6 hours at a time for each organizing session.
- I have done some organizing projects on my own, but have several challenges where I'm stuck and could use your expertise.
- I would love to hire a professional organizer, but I live in a rural area with no organizers near me.
- I receive your newsletter and would love to work with you, but I live outside of your service area.
- I am really good at following directions and am open to new ideas, strategies and techniques.
- I have a bunch of organizing projects to do but need someone to hold me accountable.
- I'm a huge procrastinator and need a professional organizer to push me.  
- I'm on a limited budget but need the expertise of a professional organizer. 

If you said yes to any of the above, you are probably a great candidate for virtual organizing! 
What can you expect in my Virtual Organizing Kick-Start Program?

​•  CTC Virtual Organizing Pak includes start up forms and agreement.
​•  Four (4) 50 min confidential and non-judgmental sessions by phone 
•  Active listening.
•  Email support throughout the program
•  Organizing assignments/homework
•  Access to CTC organizing forms that may help with your project
• Access to CTC local and national resources to help you to be more productive and organized
•  20% discount on all of my e-books

Total value: $400+

I ask that you...

• are committed and have some enthusiasm for the project.
• are ready to make some changes
​• plan for uninterrupted phone sessions
• send me digital photos of the area we're working on.
• have access to a phone, internet and email. 

For virtual organizing to really work, there needs to be a commitment of at least 4 phone sessions, which is why 4 live phone sessions are included in the program. When you include the ongoing email support, free forms, resources and advice from a professional, this program is valued at well over $400! But, for this Fall Special, if you book now, you will receive all of this for only $197!  Please note that pre-payment is required to receive this special price. 

What can virtual organizing do for you?

I can help you to declutter and organize any space in your home.  I can also help with personal time management, getting the family on board, routines, schedules and changing habits. - all at a much lower cost than working with me in-person.  I only ask that we focus on one project or area at a time.  Here are some projects/challenges that I can help you with right now! 

Home General:
- Declutter and organize your closet so that you can see everything and get outfits together fast.
- Declutter and organize your kitchen so that it's both functional and beautiful.
- Declutter and organize your guest room so that you can actually have guests over.
- Declutter and organize your garage so that you can park the car in there.
- Declutter and organize your basement so that you can find what you need when you need it.
- Declutter and organize your bathroom so that you can function in the mornings.
- Declutter and organize your bedroom so that it's a serene and relaxing place to sleep and read.

- Finally get your mail under control, so that you will file, not pile.
- Learn what papers to keep, what to shred, etc to avoid papers piling up due to decision paralysis
- Learn how to set up an easy to use system for organizing your children's school papers and artwork
- Learn tips for setting up a home filing system that works for you.
- Learn tips for creating a system for bill paying.
- Learn tips for going paperless, using the latest productivity tools and apps. 

Personal Organization:
- Learn how to quickly make decisions on what to keep, toss, or donate
- Learn time management techniques for people who work from home
- Learn how to create a meal plan so that you (and/or your family) can eat healthier meals.
- Learn how to organize your time so that you can fit in time for exercise and eating right.
- Learn how to create a schedule that fits in with your lifestyle
- Learn how to get ready for the holidays without stress
- Learn how to set goals so that you always know where you're heading
- Learn how to live simply so that you can live and not spend time dealing with your stuff.

Are you ready to experience having the time to do what matters most to you, 
instead of always dealing with your clutter?

After the program has ended, if you wish to continue (without a break), you will be eligible to lock in a special monthly rate, as long as you prepay and are scheduled for at least one phone session a month. A Mastercard or Visa credit card will be requested at that time and monthly payments will be automatically be deducted.

Pay for your Virtual Organizing Kick-Start Program via PayPal now by clicking on the button below, and I will contact you within 24-48 hours, during normal business hours, to schedule a brief introductory call and answer any additional questions you may have before you I send you my CTC Virtual Organizing Pak.  
See and access everything stored in your basement, with my virtual help
To see more before & after photos,
 Visit my Photo Gallery.
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